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Of all the watches released in the past several years, few if any have had the same intense and sustained interest from the enthusiast community as the Tissot PRX line. This affordably priced, solidly appointed, and respectably historically accurate take on the white-hot integrated bracelet sports watch segment has garnered fans from every corner of the watch world,replica breitling and since its initial introduction in 2021, the brand has grown the collection into a broad range of sizes, complications, colorways, and movement options.

For many enthusiasts, however, the PRX has yet to fill a “Goldilocks zone” — the 40mm-wide automatic PRX wears too large for some tastes, but the quartz-powered 35mm version of the design lacks the mechanical movement and the eye-catching waffle dial texture of its larger sibling. For summer 2023, however, Tissot aims to give these enthusiasts exactly what they want. The new Tissot PRX 35mm Automatic collection is an almost guaranteed crowd-pleaser of a watch, combining the stylishly compact dimensions of the 35mm quartz line with the mechanical movement and visual refinements of the automatic PRX into a package that should truly offer the best of both worlds.

For those familiar with the PRX series, the Tissot PRX 35mm Automatic’s stainless steel case offers few surprises. The same sharp, planar integrated shape that defines the 35mm-wide quartz model is present here, with the now-familiar flat-brushed surfaces and polished chamfers intact. The finishing is in line with the rest of the series in images, as well, with detailed, heavy brushing and clear polishing throughout. The first major change from previous 35mm versions of the PRX comes with the caseback, where Tissot adds a mineral glass display window to match the larger 40mm automatic model. Like the rest of the line, however, the PRX 35mm Automatic offers a sporting 100 meters of water resistance.

For the dials of the PRX 35mm Automatic line, Tissot splits the difference between the 40mm automatic model and previous 35mm iterations. Although the tighter, less atmospheric proportions of the 35mm quartz line are carried over here, the dial surfaces themselves abandon the straightforward sunburst finishing of quartz PRX variants in favor of the distinctive “waffle dial” pattern found on previous automatic PRX models.fake watches It may not be challenging similar finishes from Audemars Piguet in terms of quality (the PRX’s dial is stamped, rather than engraved), but it’s a fun and eye-catching addition in images that works to establish a visual identity for the series.

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